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WEC Technical Analysis: 2019 6 hours of Spa news

6h Spa 2019
15/05/2019 -

6H at Spa Francorchamps will be surely remembered for the incredible weather conditions, never seen so far on the long WEC Superseason 2018-19. 

Despite sunny starting after 3 minutes all turn into a rainy and snowy race, difficult for the drivers and challenging to keep strategy in phase with constantly changing track conditions.

Toyota TS050 take another victory, never in discussion in term of performance but challenging for the low grip conditions. 

As we outlined several times in these aero analysis the area behind front splitter and aside front keel is very crucial to guide the flow managing the effect of front tyre turbulence and vortex. 

Enso CLM P1/01 shows an improved design in this area with a curvy and twisted turning vanes closed to the front keel tea tray. 

Tea tray vertical side wall has been reduced to a mere pillar and the horizontal flap has been shaped to a more complex vane to better guide the flow in this area. No change on the external side vanes. 


Enso CLM P1/01 - details of new turning vane and barge board on front keel


Rebellion R13 front nose shows different shape of the fender. Leading edge extends getting more closely to splitter front part. Side view is characterized by longer chord on top part of the fender gently lofted down to the splitter. Increasing fender’s chord with flatter top surface end ups with lower drag, thanks to minor curvature and slender shape.

Single dive plate with reduces area, less transverse curvature claims lower downforce and trimming effect.


Rebellion R13 –Front fender new shape 


Additional nolder at exit of tunnel behind rear wheel, over the mandatory cone at read diffuser. This increased effective curvature of top surface there, probably interfering with the flow on lateral channel of rear diffuser. All these small additions help to obtain a fine trim of aero balance with negligible effect on drag.


Rebellion R13 – Additional nolder at top edge of diffuser 


Use of vortex generators is not limited to suction side of front splitter. The drawing outline the row just ahead of front tyre. Tyre with is blocking effect cause significant positive pressure area and the flow running under the side part of the splitter encounter an adverse pressure gradient. This creates separation and reverse flow. VG’s avoid separation thank to energy introduced in the boundary layers. 


Toyota TS50 - Details of VG’s ahead of front tyres 



article by Riccardo Romanelli
Drawings Antonio Pannullo

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